If spending quality time with friends and strangers is your thing then you must give it a

Among Us has emerged as one of the most well-liked games in 2021. With being the 2D
murder solving mystery game, indie developer named “Innersloth” designed and developed up a unique atmosphere filled
with space stations, intergalactic chores, and lies.

The game is a featuring cross-platform game that is going to be released for Xbox and
PS 4 in 2021.

The fun fact of the game is that it was inspired by the party game Mafia and the science
fiction horror film The Thing.

Also, many components of the game resemble the film and the game scenarios and

The Among us game is very entertaining with normal graphics. The characters are little
teddy astronauts \moving from here to there to accomplish the given task. On the other
hand, the imposters want to kill and ruin the crew member’s game.
This is a fun and entertaining game as well as it enhances cooperation between the
players as there hold meetings and discussions.


The game is held among four to ten players in spaced-themed settings. The game is
played for four rounds. In four rounds there are four maps. “The Skeld”, “Mira HQ”,
“Polus”, and “The Airship” Are the four maps which are a spaceship, headquarter,
planet base, and a place, based on InnerSloth’s Henry Stickmin series respectively.
In each round three of the person are asked to be imposters.

In the beginning, Crewmates are to complete tasks to complete around the map. these
tasks are in the form of minigames. The task contains maintenance work on vital
systems such as fixing wires and downloading data. Similarly, Imposters are given fake
tasks to blend with Crewmates. Impostors should destroy requisite systems (such as
the ship’s oxygen supply), secretly travel through vents, and work with other Impostors
to kill Crewmates.

The killed Crewmates become ghosts. Ghosts can travel through walls, spectate other
players, and chat with other ghosts. The ghosts have an unlimited cone of vision
whereas Crewmates have a limited one.

Ghosts can help their teammate by completing their tasks. they can also perform
destruction as an imposter. As one of the Impostors, you can win when by kill enough
Crewmates to be equal in the number of imposters. Also, when the Crewmates fail to
resolve major sabotage, you can win as an imposter.

As a Crewmates, you can win by completing all tasks designated to you , or simply by identifying and ejecting all
the Impostors present in game. The game can also end when players quit the match. This only works when
it fulfills any win condition i.e. if a crewmate quits the game due to any condition, their tasks are automatically
considered completed which will help rest of the crewmates.

The security cameras in the Skeld, a door log in MIRA HQ, and a vitals indicator in
Polus help Crewmembers to identify impostors.

If you are a crewmate and want to confirm identity, you can do it through visual tasks
and call a group meeting by reporting a dead body. Besides, you can also press the
emergency meeting button at any time. These cannot be faked by impostors.

One of the fun facts of the game is that the imposter is detected by a plurality voting and
the chosen player is ejected from the map. After ejection they become ghosts.

The players can communicate with themselves through text and chat. The in-built voice
system is not built so players have to use external resources such as discord for regular

Released in 2018, the game had not profounded any popularity till 2020. But in 2020,
the game hit a big milestone and gained a lot of popularity. As of 2020, the game has
gotten Golden Joystick Awards 2020, The Game Awards 2020/21, Steam Awards, and
Nickolodeon Kid’s choice awards on November 24 (2020), December 10 (2020),
January 3 (2021), and March 12(2021), respectively.

Steam Spy recorded a total of 10millions owners of the game on Steam in September of

The game was considered the best PC game in 2018 Rankin in the position of 17th. It
was the #38th most discussed PC game in 2018. Also, IGN claims it to be one of 2020’s
best-reviewed games so far.

Following its popularity, the game also had gotten many attacks from hackers.
North American Servers had been haad been targeted by a hacker (Name not want to
mention), was continuously being reported for hacking players lobbies and spamming
in-game chats for promotion of his/her YouTube channel. Later, the hacker claimed that
the hack done impacted nearly4.9 million players in around 1.5 million games. He also added that the
hacks were part of a publicity stunt which was done to influence players just to vote for Donald Trump in the huge
2020 United States presidential election campaign.

Instead of this popularity and perfection in the gameplay, it still has some issues.
Finding a match to play would be very frustrating. It is because the browser only shows
you some limited amount of lobbies at a same time.
Besides, there must some remedy and punishment for the players who quit the match
because of not being an imposter of getting murdered in the middle of the game. This
kind of crying baby players ruins the match and entertainment of other players. Also,
reviewers say that there must be a quick match button.

The support of in-built voice chat might add another level of taste to the game. This
could add another level of adventure to the game.

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