Batman Arkham series is one of the most played superhero games in the history of gaming. The game is an action game that provides a thrilling experience of the superpower of superheroes.

Similarly, among the games in the Batman series, today, in this article, We will discuss Batman: Arkham City.


The game sets in an open environment in Gotham city. You have to play the game from a third-person perspective. It incorporates tactics from stealth games.

The game allows you to move silently using a combination of gadgets and furtiveness moves to sneak up on enemies and weaken them. You also get an improved “freeflow”. Using it, you can counter multiple blows simultaneously, catch hurled projectiles, attack aerially, and administer a succession of consecutive strikes.

You can also use almost all the gadgets during combat. In the game, you can also get a Catwoman campaign. Here, Catwoman is another playable character. The Catwoman was initially downloadable content. However, developers later on embedded it with the game.

After completing the main story, you can unlock the new game plus option. It lets you carry over your upgrades and also makes your life more difficult.

In the new game option, you ought to complete challenges. The challenges may take the form of small campaigns that alternate between combat and stealth scenarios.


This story begins after a year of Batman: Arkham Asylum, where Bruce Wayne declares his opposition to Arkham City. Arkham City was a big jail in the centre where all the criminals, thugs, gangsters, and insane criminal masterminds. Wayne’s opposition to Arkham City forces Tyger mercenaries to arrest and imprison him in the city. Hugo, the chief, discloses Wayne’s dual identity and releases him into the prison’s criminal populace. As soon as he gets to know about protocol 10, he escapes from there. Then, Wayne becomes Batman and fetches Catwoman to ensure that if she knows anything about protocol 10.

Again, Joker abducts the Catwoman. So, Batman finds his hideout in the Sionis Steelmill after he attempts to assassinate her. He hoped that Jokerknow something about protocol 10.

There, Batman learns about the unstable properties of the Titan formula. It is mutating in Joker’s blood, gradually killing him. Batman also gets the infected blood when Joker transfuses his blood into Batman. There, he also learns that Joker had given the infected blood to Gotham hospital. Desperate to save himself and innocent citizens, Batman seeks out Mr Freeze. He had been developing a cure for the Titan formula. However, it was difficult to reach him because Penguin had abducted him. Then, Batman traces out the Penguin in the Cyprus National Health institute. There, he defeats his forces and imprisons Penguin before liberating Dr Freeze.

By this time, Dr Freeze had made the cure, but it was useless via instability. So, Batman deduces that the therapeutic properties of Ra’s al Ghul’s blood may help for stability. So, he tracks out Ra’s al Ghu and confronts Ra’s and his daughter Talia, Batman’s former lover. Dr Freeze is now able to make the proper cure from Ra’s blood. However, Harley Quinn steals it before Batman can use it.

Now, Batman moves towards Joker and finds that he has taken medicine. He is healthy now. Then, a fight starts between Joker and Batman. Sametime, Hugo Strange activates Protocol 10. It leads to a missile crush on Batman. Taking this chance, Joker tries to kill Batman, but Talia rescues him.

Talia offers the secret of immortality to Joker. Then she signals Batman to track them and prevent Joker from that secret.

Later on, Batman goes to wonder tower to fail protocol 10. Protocol 10 was a plan to kill all the criminals of Gotham city at once through missiles. When he had reached the turret, he saw Ras Al Ghul kills Stange. It reveals that Ras Al Ghul was the mastermind behind Protocol 10.

Before dying, Stange had put Wonder tower into self-destruction mode. So, before its destruction, both Batman and Ras Al Ghul jump from the Wonder tower. While jumping, Ras Al Ghul suicides.

Now Batman goes the trace the Joker. When he reaches Joker, he finds that Joker had kept Talia at his gunpoint. Now, the Joker asks the cure to Batman. But, Batman says that he had already got it. At the same time, Talia kills Joker and then reveals that she had already taken the cure from Harley Quin.

Now, since the Joker had not got the cure, the healthy Joker who dies was not the real Joker. He was the Clay face who had disguised himself into the Joker. Then, the Joker shoots Talia and tries to jump into the formula of immortality. However, Batman throws the Clay face into it. Since he was not a human, the secret formula gets destroyed.

After the formula gets destroyed, Batman drinks half of the cure. The Joker stabs Batman, and the remaining antidote also gets destroyed. It leads to the dreadful death of the Joker.

The end scene consists of Batman putting the Joker’s body in front of Commissioner and leaves without uttering a word.


The graphics of the game are good. The look of Batman is more beautiful than in older versions. Besides, the games other entities are highlighted. They look like a beautiful animation. Playing the game on the appropriate PC must be a thrilling experience for all gamers.

Also, the game has marvellous cutscenes. The animations are so smooth that you would not want to put your fingers off of your keyboard.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for the game are:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800+
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • VIDEO CARD: ATI 3850HD 512 MB or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB or Intel HD Graphics 2000

Hence, I would recommend you to play this game at least once in your lifetime.

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