Fifty players on the remote island of Bermuda, purgatory, and Kalahari desert to scavenge for weapon and kill maximum to gain victory, is a great fantasy.

Yes, this is very enjoyable. If you want to accomplish this fantasy, I recommend you to play Garena free fire.

Garena free fire is one of the top-rated battle royal games designed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It is the ultimate survival shooting game available on mobile devices.


The game will stuff you with 49 more players on a remote island. Firstly, you enter a plane and fly over the island. You are free to land anywhere on the island through a parachute.

After landing on the island, you ought to search for weapons and equipment to kill the other players. There are many weapons as well as supplies that will help you alive in the whole battle.

Since you can land anywhere, you can choose a strategic place to land away from enemies. You can find medical equipment, medium and large weapons, grenades, and other items throughout the island.

Recently, Kord has been updated as a weapon in the game.

Your ultimate goal in the game is to be the last survivor. This requires eliminating all or maximum players.

Besides, there are safe areas available. The safe area is the place where players are safe. Beyond the safe zone, players die automatically. The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time, directing the surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. The last player or team standing wins the round.

You can get around the island quickly using one of four vehicles: a Jeep with low speed but high durability, a fast pickup truck, a small three-wheeled vehicle called the Tuk Tuk, and even one that can travel on both land and sea called the Amphibious.

Besides battle royal, the game also features clash squad matches where players have to form their team or are teamed with random players and clash with another team.

The game also provides other game modes such as Gun King, Bighead which are additional gaming modes for gamers. These gaming modes add more adventure and action to the game.

The game has satisfying combat and a unique class. The matches are made quickly. But the matches are not as long as in PUBG.

The more fun and interesting feature in firee fire is that you will get cute pets. these are unlocked through pet meals or your player level in the game. Believe me, these pets are so cute and give little advantage during gameplay which may be crucial at that instant.

But, the game has complicated controls. It has many buttons for different actions. It may give room to customize your gameplay. But also, it makes you very hard while running your finger through many buttons simultaneously.

Additionally, the game has more than 10 unlockable characters that add a beautiful function to the game.

You would be overwhelmed to know that the free fire game has some real-life characters such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Indian Superstar Hritik Roshan, and so on.

The Alok character was one of the most popular and sensitizing characters during its first release.

You can even customize your character with different outfits available in the game.

In addition to the beautiful characters, each character has its unique feature. For example, the bodyguard who reloads faster and the nurse that restores more hp when reviving allies.

The game features Luck Royale, Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and many incubators which provide different handsome to sexy outfits, gun skins, and other fascinating supplies during the gameplay.

The game’s best feature is that it is best for a low version of devices. It works well in any kind of device due to its light-weight and low graphics. However, no compromise has been made in its animation.


As mentioned earlier, the game has low and medium graphics. This is a benefit for mid and low-specification phones.

But the matter that makes difference is, if games with good graphics are your thing then I don’t recommend that you play Free Fire Battlegrounds.

But if you love battle royale games and want to have fun with your friends, you should play the game once in your lifetime. This is also applicable if you don’t want to empty your pocket for highly specified and expensive phones.

Playing Free fire has more benefits except for only playing a game. It has recently announced that the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is returning with a $2 million prize pool.

It happens twice every year.

So, these are the minimal description of the game. Besides, in my opinion, the gameplay and the graphics are however way more customizable.

The free fire game is advantageous to play as it has a huge fan following on its social media. The free fire game also gives free fire rewards on different events and matches organized by the team.

These free fire rewards may include in-game rewards as well as real-life rewards such as money.

Upp’s, I am sorry that I didn’t mention emotes. So, the emotes in the game are the most lovable fantasies. These are amazing expressions and acts that you can do anywhere in the game. Emotes include laughing, dancing, taking a selfie, giving a swag, and so on.

But the counter side of the emote is, they are not available in the game. They are premium i.e. you can buy with diamonds which are premium. However, the free fire game gives some opportunities to earn an emote by completing various achievements.


In simple words, the free fire game is one of the best games to experience a sound battle royal gaming experience from low specification devices to high-end devices. Due to its creative characters and emotes, the game owns the best of best gaming credits and a huge social media influence. Therefore, I would mostly recommend playing this game for gamin enthusiasts.

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