If you want to make your heroes and play battle then Mobile Legend must be your thing.

Mobile legend is a mobile multiplayer online battle game. It was published in 2016. It was published by Moonton which is a subsidiary of ByteDance. The game has increasing popularity over time.

The game is very popular in Southeast Asia and was one of the games chosen for the first medal event esports competition at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines.

In the game, the two opposing teams fight each other and destroy each other’s base. In this course, they also have to defend their base simultaneously.

The game has many heroes. Initially, it had only 10 heroes. But over time it has 103 heroes on the live server in 2020.

Also, you would be delighted to know that the heroes represent the old historical and cultural characters of different cultures in southeast Asia. Playing the games with these folklores is more adventurous and beautiful. This also gives further increases the game’s appeal.

Moreover, characters such as Lapu Lapu (Philippines), Minsitthar (based on Kyansittha; Myanmar), Kadita (based on Nyai Roro Kidul; Indonesia), and Badang (Malaysia) make the gameplay more appealing. The heroes also consist of tanks, mages, marksmen, support, and more.

Also, the fun fact of this game is, it also has published a comic based on its game. The comic is called ‘Garudayana”.

The game mobile legends have also won EXGCON Indonesia gaming awards in December of 2019.

You will have an overwhelming experience in this game that features laning, jungling, item builds, hero roles, hero abilities, skins, and much more.

I would probably recommend this game if adventurous action is your thing. The game encourages you to go AFK frequently while it runs in the background and makes it impossible to progress, at times, if you’re a F2P player who refuses to do so.

In addition to its overall adventure, the game also features simplicity. Like other gacha games, you don’t have to click all the buttons to get the necessary resources to progress. Just let the game run in the background and when you have a moment to play, enjoy the gold and EXP for free. No stress and, more importantly, no wasted time.

You can also have in-game purchases however the game is free to play as far as I know.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also has different tournaments happening in South East Asia.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Competition is one of the biggest annual tournaments in Southeast Asia. Besides, there are also local tournaments namely Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL).

The Nationals is the franchised esports league in the Philippines which includes Mobile legends. The game was also played in MLBB LIGA tournaments which is an offline event aimed at fans and non-professional players. Moreover, In 2019, Open Kitchen Kagitingan League was held in the Philippines with a prize pool of P100,000.

In Addition to these tournaments, MLBB 2.0 is in the development phase. After the release of this version, it will be more and more adventurous to play this game because of its amazing story and efficient gaming experience.

MLBB 2.0 is more adventurous because it consists of an engine upgrade to a more recent version of the Unity game engine from version 4 to version 2017. The game will have faster loading times and a start-up speed of up to 60%. Other improvements of the update include reduced lag, improved character modeling, and the new in-game map Imperial Sanctuary. The update helped increase the cross-platform social media views earned by the game from 56 million in September 2019 to 76 million the next month making the game ranked fourth of all channels from all gaming brands in the US.

The game despite being so lovable had faced many problems and lawsuits during its release. The game was firstly removed from the play store after the complaint of riot games for imitating the intellectual property of its game League of Legends. Then, the developer team change some aspects of the game and launched it in the play store.

After that, in July 2017, Riot Games registered a lawsuit against MLBB because of copyright infringement. They claimed similarities between Mobile Legends and League of Legends.

Riot Games also complained that the name title of Mobile Legends sounds similar to League of Legends. Due to this issue, the customers of riot games were distracted, this statement was made. However, the case was dismissed in the Central District Court of California in the United States on account of forum non-conveniens.

But this was not the end. In July 2018, Tencent (parent company of riot games) on the behalf of Riot Games, filed another lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed targetting the CEO of Moonton. He was a former employee of Tencent games. The lawsuit against MLBB had registered regarding non-competent agreements. In Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court, the case got in the favor of Tencent games awarding Tencent a settlement of $2.9 million in July 2018.

Despite the consequences, the game has earned millions of revenues and good views from the gamers.

In a nutshell, the game mobile legends: bang bang is a good game for entertaining you in your free time. This game is very adventurous to play and simple to earn resources.

the beautiful, hard, and amazing characters give another level of gameplay experience whereas the folklores in the game are another part of the game’s feature. It displays the cultural, historical, and traditional identity of Southeast Asian countries which give a rise to its users. Due to this reason the game has earned its popularity in the region.

Moreover, concerning my judgment, I would say the game must be played once in your lifetime if you are a true gamer. As the game has some cute relation with the tournament and huge prize pool, you may have amazing chances to earn it.

OK, pupils time to end the game, give it a try, if you find as not your thing uninstall it. But give it a try!

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