About Us

Who are we?

World gamers club commonly known as WGC is a gaming related blog and website. We are located virtually therefore every part of the world could be where are bloggers and content creators may reside. We want to make gaming community easily accessible and readable to each and every commoner. Our main aim is to keep our viewers and fellow gamers updated with all the details, news, rumors, etc.

What do we do?

We publish blogs related to gaming industry and try to predict some useful news for our gaming community users. We will try to raise awareness campaign in future if everything goes according to our plan. We are trying to make gaming forum where all the fellow gamers can communicate, give feedback and solve their doubts via expirable thread.

What is our Use Case Planning?

We have many thing planned which will be available in following phase:

Phase 1

(3rd Quarter of 2021)

Our first and foremost phase is to make our website live and upload blogs on bi-weekly basis.

Phase 2

(4th Quarter of 2021)

Make all our social media handle live and updated to the latest Gaming World.

Phase 3

(1st Quarter of 2022)

Make Youtube channel and Twitch channel where we will be upload weekly videos and will be live on bi-weekly basis.

Phase 4

(2nd Quarter of 2022)

In this phase we will make our forum live. In our forum Fellow gamers can post a qna thread, comment and communicate.

Can I submit my article and get a shout out?

We have article submission page where you can submit your article and get a proper shoutout from WGC. Remember your article should be:

  1. 100% your own creation and plagiarism free.
  2. Should contain atleast 3 reference as outbound link.
  3. Should be facts only.
  4. Article should be latest and should be only of Gaming related.

How can You contact us?

You can Contact us via email or contact us page.

Email : contact@worldgamersclub.com

Contact-us Page: Click here